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P N A   P O L I C I E S

​C O A C H   E D U C A T I O N  /  T R A I N I N G   S U P P O R T


  • Reimbursement shall be made for registration for Coaches College and CCP courses:  100% reimbursement for one coach per club per event; 50% reimbursement for all other coaches per event.

  • Reimbursement of fees shall be made for successful completion of Challenge Tests for CCP.

  • Reimbursement shall be made for other courses or clinics as applied for and approved by the PNA Board of Directors with at least 30 days notice.


M E E T   M A N A G E R   S T I P E N D

  • The Meet Manager(s) for a national or international meet shall receive a stipend plus 10% of any profits after the completion of all required tasks. 

  • Profits shall be determined after the stipend and any commissions as listed in the National Meet Income Policy are paid.  (These shall be considered expenses.)

  • Stipend shall be $500 for US Collegiates, US Juniors, US Nationals, US Masters.  Stipend shall be $1000 for US Age Groups, US Open, and approved International meets.

  • The payment shall be the stipend plus 10% regardless of the number of Meet Managers.


N A T I O N A L   M E E T   I N C O M E

  • Club receives commission of 10% for any sponsorship obtained over $500.

  • Club receives commission of 20% for any ticket sales, when a sales promotion is included in the income/fundraising plans.

  • Clubs receive 80% of the balance of the event profit apportioned by volunteer hours worked.

  • Each of the parts of this policy will be considered, amended, and approved as planning begins for each meet.

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